Image of Pick N' Peel stone for fidgeting

HEALTH FIND: Pick N’ Peel Stone

HEALTH FIND: Pick N’ Peel Stone

Did you know fidgeting can actually help you focus and relieve stress? Did you know that products like Pick N’ Peel stones can help? First, let’s dive into the science of how and why fidgeting can help those that struggle with stress and focusing. Fidgeting can express itself in a variety of ways, however, from leg bouncing to picking at your skin or blemishes. For those that patients that find relief through picking, but want to spare their skin, Pick N’ Peel Stones have gone viral due to alleviating the craving to pick; subsequently, it also serves as form of relief to those with anxiety, ADHD, etc. The pits on the stone’s surface have been filled with a pliable coating that you can use the included dentist-like pick/tool to remove and satisfy your picking craving.

You can find the Pick N’ Peel Stone on Etsy  –  Click Here to Shop

PLEASE NOTE: I have no association with this business but thought of my pickers when I saw this! Pick away!

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