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Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Dr. Chan receives many requests from patients to become their primary care physician, meaning she manages all their health problems. With her extensive training as a family physician, she is well-equipped for managing all of your chronic and acute health care needs. In order to better serve her patients wanting primary care services, she offers direct primary care outside of insurance.  If you do not want Dr. Chan as your primary care physician, that is fine but she asks that you do keep a PCP to be available to you for acute needs and health maintenance items. Other providers enjoy working with Dr. Chan since she communicates well and practices evidence-based medicine.

DPC is a monthly membership fee  that includes Primary Care Services,  Urgent Care, Medication Management, Chronic Care, and Basic Procedures.  You will receive direct contact with Dr. Chan and the Lotus Health Team by voice, text, email or video chat with same or next day appointments.      

  • Unlimited Virtual Appointments*
  • Unlimited In Office Appointments* 
  • Unlimited Communication w/ Lotus Wellness Team*
  • Simple Lab Testing
  • Medication and Chronic Care Management
  • Discounted Rates w/ our Wellness Partners
  • Discounted Lotus Specialty Services
  • Utah State Medical Card  
  • One time $100 Enrollment Fee

  *Unlimited as medically necessary



$ 95
/ MO
  • Child: $55/MO
  • Basic Healthcare needs
  • Medication Management
  • Virtual Appointments


$ 115
/ MO
  • Child: $75/MO
  • Chronic Care Management
  • In -Office Appointments
  • Includes Foundation


$ 150
/ MO
  • Child: $95/MO
  • Monthly Acupuncture
  • Includes Essentials
  • Includes Foundation

$100 Enrollment Fee: One-time payment for new DPC members due at time of membership sign up.

Child Pricing: Ages 12 and younger. An adult, parent, or guardian must be on the same membership plan.

Hormone management is available for an additional $100 per month for DPC members.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides a solution to problems plaguing our current health care delivery system: rushed office visits, fragmented care, difficult access to a physician, and long wait times for an appointment. The “Direct” in DPC refers to the relationship between a patient and his or her physician. Instead of relying on payments from insurance companies the doctor receives payment directly from her patients, through a monthly subscription fee. The simplicity of this relationship allows for easy access, personalized care and a true collaboration between patient and physician.  Since the physician no longer needs to pay additional staff to collect payment from the insurers, report data, and chase down collections, the cost of providing exceptional medical care decreases dramatically. Most DPC doctors limit their patient panels to guarantee full, convenient access for their established patients.

"Dr. Chan is Amazing! She is so knowledgeable and has great compassion for her patients! I would definitely recommend her!"


The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is a practice model where patients pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services. Payment is accepted ONLY from the patient making it a “direct” relationship and eliminates interference from third party payers, such as insurance companies. DPC is growing across the country. It is promoted by the American Academy of Family Physicians and many other medical organizations. This is because DPC doctors can give their patients more time. Improved accessibility for our patients makes for more comprehensive healthcare and better patient-physician relationships.

Most everything you have come to expect from your primary care doctor including acute medical care (for sick visits or minor injuries), chronic disease management (such as for hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders) and most common office procedures. I also provide well-woman care including Pap smears. Virtual Visits is also included. I am available as often as is medically necessary to take the best care of you with NO COPAYS, ever! Please see our detailed membership descriptions attached to this letter to find the right membership for you and your needs

Virtual Visit means communicating with your doctor about your medical concerns via a phone call, text, email or even a video visit. Many patients are seeking out this type of care between office visits for convenience, but it is generally not covered by their health insurance. I have a free HIPAA-secure communication system for all of my patients that allows us to do all of the above at NO EXTRACHARGE. And in these days of the pandemic, there is no better way to stay safe AND receive the care you deserve  

Insurance is important for coverage of emergencies or other services beyond our capabilities at the clinic, but scheduling an appointment with your doctor can still take weeks, even when you have immediate health concerns. The Lotus Health membership eliminates many of the small costs of copays, appointment wait times, and provides you the means to contact your provider according to your medical needs rather than the length of a nondescript waitlist. Even specialist providers and facilities will be tracked down on your behalf, should it ever be necessary. We have successfully helped patients with comprehensive health insurance plans find savings outright, with higher potential savings available when pairing DPC with a high-deductible plan.

Some patients may feel that their need to see a doctor is minimal, or that the ongoing membership model is overkill for their unique purposes. The need for medical care can change very quickly with a bad bronchitis, resurgent injury or other unexpected medical problem; consistently maintaining and utilizing your membership ensures your doctor is familiar with your “normal,” and is therefore one step ahead when it comes to formulating a treatment plan and implementing it into your routine, no matter the level of concern.

With DPC, we have the freedom and control to navigate around your daily life and make the recurrence of your visits work for you! Depending on your medical need, we can significantly influence the duration and repetition of your check-ins to ensure the time you spend with us is time well-spent.

The Lotus Health Wellness Team is available after hours for urgent medical concerns and immediate treatment options. After hours communication is available for urgent issues.

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