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After the COVID-19 Vaccine

After the COVID-19 Vaccine

So you’ve received your COVID-19 vaccine…

Just because you’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine(s), it is still important to remain cautious.  The long-term research isn’t available to show 1) how long immunity lasts beyond the vaccinations, 2) if having the  COVID-19 vaccine stops you from becoming infected and/or passing on the virus. Remember that you can be an asymptomatic carrier!

What does this mean?

I recognize this may not be popular advice, but even if you’ve been vaccinated, I would encourage you to continue with the precautions to minimize your chances of getting sick: masking, physical distancing, not gathering in large groups, and washing hands thoroughly and often.

Why is this important?

Even though you may have already come down with COVID-19 and/or you’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine, I still want you to be cautious.

There are new variants—you can possibly become infected with one of the new strains.  Research is still coming out showing the long-term effects of COVID-19: circulation changes (blood flow in your lungs can change[1],[2]), neuropsychological changes[3],[4], and more research is coming out daily.

No, I am not trying to be fear mongering.  I just want you to stay healthy and not get (re)infected with COVID-19 since we don’t know the long-term chronic changes. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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About Melissa Chan, M.D.

Dr. Chan is the lead physician at Lotus Health, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is not only a well-loved doctor in her family medical practice, but was also classically trained as an artist in Florence, Italy. As a physician, she has worked in both the inpatient hospital setting and outpatient clinics. She has practiced medicine on both coasts of the country and New Zealand. Dr. Chan enjoys bringing together eastern and western medicine to provide the best possible care for her patients.

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