go into 2022 feeling like the best version of you.

Using HALT to Improve Your Mental Health

So many people are setting physical health goals in 2022, but what about setting goals to improve your mental health?

COMING SOON WEEK 3 - Joint/Bone Health

It's never too late or early to start caring for your joints and bones. From diet to excercise, learn how you can care for your joint and bone health!


Feeling great physically starts from the inside! Learn a few things you can do to reinvent your gut health in the new year.

COMING SOON WEEK 4 - Dr. Chan's Guide to Better Health in 2022

Dr. Chan is Lotus Health's mastermind in better health, she's bringing her top tips to YOU on how you can be the healthies version of you in 2022.

Better Health from the Inside Out

Have you heard about our IV Infusions & Hydration Therapy services at Lotus Health? Click below to learn more about how these services can quickly improve your health.

Personalized Healthcare Plans Tailored to You

Dr. Chan receives many requests from patients to become their primary care physician, meaning she manages all their health problems. With her extensive training as a family physician, she is well equipped for managing all of your chronic and acute health care needs. In order to better serve her patients wanting primary care services, she offers direct primary care. 

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